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[[Image:Lo-Fi.jpg|170px|thumb|right|'''Another Lo-Fi Xtravaganza''']]
[[Image:Lo-Fi.jpg|200px|thumb|right|'''Another Lo-Fi Xtravaganza''']]
'''Another Lo-Fi Xtravanza''' is a [[zine]] by [[Jen Smith]].  
'''Another Lo-Fi Xtravanza''' is a [[zine]] by [[Jen Smith]].  

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Another Lo-Fi Xtravaganza

Another Lo-Fi Xtravanza is a zine by Jen Smith.

Published in the 1990's in Washington D.C., U.S.A., issue one is a small, folded one-sheet zine. A cut and paste combination of text and images, the introduction to issue one announces the Lo-Fi Underground, saying "LoFi is Forever" and that there is "Nothin to lose + everything to Do".

Issue one covers activities such as The Embassy Tapes by Tim; Washington DC labels Rodeo Recordings, and MIRA; the bands Cupid Car Club, Scissor Girls, and Slant 6; and the zines Chainsaw, Fantastic Fanzine and Riot Grrrl Press.

Another Lo-Fi Extravaganza originated in part from a cassette tape sleeve Jen Smith made for her band Rastro!

Another Lo-Fi Extravaganza is included in the Sarah Wood Zine Collection at Duke University Library.

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