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Anonymous Boy is the pen name of the artist, writer, comics creator and filmmaker Tony Arena, who lives in New York.

The name Anonymous Boy was given to him by G.B. Jones, editor of J.D.s, when his first contribution appeared in this zine in the late 1980's. His drawings recieved much attention and, after J.D.s stopped publishing, his work began appearing in zines such as Outpunk, Speed Demon, The Burning Times, Aunt Franne, Teen Fag and many others. As well, he has provided cover art for records by Pansy Division and Lone Wolves and for the cover of the queer punk compilation record Stop Homophobia #2, released by Turkey Baster Records.

He began releasing his own fanzines at this time, beginning with Anonymous Boy, a self-titled collection of his drawings and contributions to other zines. In 1996, he released his first film Green Pubes, the only animated queercore film ever made. Produced on Super 8 mm film, it employs a DIY technique of animation to great effect and has played at film festivals around the world. After the release of his film, he began the zine Homopunk World which features interviews, articles on queer punks and bands, and queer punk events.

In the 2000's he began to write a regular column for Maximum Rock 'N' Roll. As well, he continues to contribute to zines and publications.

Anonymous Boy has created the zines Homopunk World, Punk Rock Freakazoid, The Zine Sin?, Straight and Narrow and Anonymous Boy.