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Dr Anna Poletti BA (Hons) PhD (Newcastle) is a staff member of the School of Humanities, Communications & Social Sciences, Monash University, Victoria, Australia, who teaches Media studies, Literary Theory and Popular Writing and Criticism; having previously taught literature and cultural studies at La Trobe University and The University of Newcastle.

Poletti's research interests include autobiography studies; DIY culture; the materiality of texts; literary theory; feminist theory; and technologies of cultural production. She has published papers on Australian zine culture, and has co-edited journal issues on the topics of AutoGraphics and the limits of testimony. Anna has also been involved in the programming of writing events such as the National Young Writers Festival and the Emerging Writers Festival, and conducts workshops on diy writing and publishing for community and arts organisations.

In 2002, while indertaking her doctoral research on Australian zines as an autobiographical form at the University of Newcastle, Poletti started the zine TRade entrance - aimed at 'demysitfying' the academic process for the zinesters who were the subject of her doctorate, as well as acting as a journal recording the developments of her research.


Journal Articles

  • Poletti, A. (forthcoming 2007) ‘Where the popular meets the mundane: lists in personal zines’ Canadian Review of American Studies special issue edited by Julie Rak.
  • Poletti, A. (2006) ‘A People’s History of Australian Zines’ (editor and introduction) HEAT 11: Sheltered Lives. 15-38.
  • Poletti, A. (2005) ‘Self-publishing in the Global and the Local: Situating Life Writing in Zines’. Biography: an Interdisciplinary Quarterly 28.1 (Winter 2005). Guest Editor David Parker. 183-192.
  • Poletti, A. (2003) ‘Life writing in zines: memory, public spaces and intimacy’ New Media Poetics 3.

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