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[http://sobs.org/fiction/sterzinger/index.html "The Beautiful Son" by Ann Sterzinger]
[http://sobs.org/fiction/sterzinger/index.html "The Beautiful Son" by Ann Sterzinger]
[[Category:Zinester|Sterzinger]] [[Category:Underground Literary Alliance Member|Sterzinger]]
[[Category:Zinester|Sterzinger]] [[Category:Underground Literary Alliance Member|Sterzinger]] [[Category:Chicago Zinesters|Sterzinger]]

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Ann Sterzinger is a writer living in Chicago, IL. She formerly published the zines Bottle Fed and The Disintegration. Her writing has also appeared in Slush Pile, The Whirligig, the Chicago Reader and elsewhere.

She is a former member of the Underground Literary Alliance.

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"The Beautiful Son" by Ann Sterzinger