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Ango Visone is a zinester, musician and filmmaker from Italy.

He is the creator of three zines, all one issue only editions. As my jaw dropped to the ground...meek faces and apocalyptic visions is a collection of his art work, mainly drawings and one collage, released in 2003. Meek Faces and Meek Dreamscapes from Meek Diaries 1995/2005 is a collection of drawings from his diaries from the years 1995 till 2005. Everything is fine but me, subtitled "one tale and 13 drawings by ango", is just that, the story printed in both English and Italian. He has also contributed his art work to several zines.

Ango Visone is also a musician. His band, Mariae Nascenti, consists of his dark ambient compositions aided by a revolving roster of friends. He has a number of full length CDs to his credit. As well, he has performed with Black Sun Productions, (r), and Larson.

Ango Visone also makes films, which have been shown at film festivals around the world.




  • The Kindness Of Your Touch (2006)
  • The Monster's Faded Eyes (2007)
  • The Belly Dance (2007)
  • Thee Guards (2008)

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