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* [[The Glovebox Chronicles]]
* [[Glovebox Chronicles]]
* [[Not My Small Diary]]
* [[Not My Small Diary]]
* [[Sugar Needle]]
* [[Sugar Needle]]

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Androo Robinson is a zine editor and artist.

Androo is the editor of the minicomic series Ped Xing Comics. Each issue consists of a single storyline. He is also the creator of Cryptozoa, a series of single panel comics which he releases in a zine of the same name. Cryptozoa was awarded the Independent Press Award for 'Excellence in Zines' by Utne Reader. A selection of Cryptozoa panels have been released in book form, published by SevenTen Bishop in 2007. As well, he is co-editor, with Maria Goodman, of the zine Sweet Mystery Love Shoes.

Androo Robinson contributes his work to such zines as Sugar Needle, Not My Small Diary and many others.



  • Cryptozoa, published by SevenTen Bishop, 2007


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