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* [[Glovebox Chronicles]]
* [[Glovebox Chronicles]]
* [[Not My Small Diary]]
* [[Not My Small Diary]]
* [[Smile, Hon, You're In Baltimore!]]
* [[Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore!]]
* [[Sugar Needle]]
* [[Sugar Needle]]
* [[Ten Foot Rule]]
* [[Ten Foot Rule]]

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Androo Robinson

Androo Robinson is a zine editor and artist.

Androo is the editor of the minicomic series Ped Xing Comics. Each issue consists of a single storyline. He is also the creator of Cryptozoa, a series of single panel comics which he releases in a zine of the same name. Cryptozoa was awarded the Independent Press Award for 'Excellence in Zines' by Utne Reader. A selection of Cryptozoa panels have been released in book form, published by SevenTen Bishop in 2007. As well, he is co-editor, with Maria Goodman, of the zine Sweet Mystery Love Shoes.

Androo Robinson contributes his work to such zines as Sugar Needle, Not My Small Diary, The Glovebox Chronicles and many others.



  • Cryptozoa, published by SevenTen Bishop, 2007


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