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And furthermore... is a science fiction fanzine by John Purcell.

The electronic fanzine And furthermore... (the ellipse points are part of the zine's title) was published by John Purcell from Texas, U.S.A., in a writ of 'fealous jage' (thank you, Inspector Clouseau) in 2006-2007, seeing 26 total issues.

It was designed to be a filler-zine between issues of Purcell's primary fanzine, In A Prior Lifetime. A complete archive of And furthermore... is available online at, the fanzine website hosted by Bill Burns.

Art work came from Frank Wu, among others.

Letters came from Lloyd Penney (Torus), Ted White (Void), and Frank Wu.

Previous to And furthermore...John Purcell did the fanzine This House. His most recent publication is Askance.