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Amra was a science fiction and fantasy fanzine devoted to the "Swords and Sorcery" genre published by George Scithers (1929-2010).

Amra was published in the 1960's. The term "Swords and Sorcery" first appeared in the pages of the zine, leading to the name for the genre exemplified by writers sush as Robert E. Howard.

Contributors of writing included Dan Adkins (Boonfark), Poul Anderson, Alicia Austin, John Brunner, John Boardman, L. Sprague de Camp, Paul Garcia Capella, Lin Carter (Spaceteer), John D. Clark, Harry Harrison, Frank Herbert, Fritz Leiber, Archie Mercer and Beryl Mercer (Link, Oz), Michael Moorcock, Jerry Pournelle, E. Hoffman Price and Roger Zelazny.

Covers were by Larry Ivie, Roy G. Krenkel, BB Sams, Alex Nino, Dennis Smith, among others, with art work by George Barr, John Boardman, Lin Carter, Jim Cawthorn, Philip Foglio, Frazetta, Robert Gilbert, Eddie Jones, Jeff Jones, Tim Kirk, Roy G. Krenkel, Gray Morrow, Jim Nielson, Ron Ross and Bernie Wrightson.

Amra won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in the years 1964 and 1968.