Alpha Continuum

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Alpha Continuum
Issue 1 1976
Cover art by Marty Siegrist

Alpha Continuum is a media science fiction fanzine edited by Marty Siegrist (#1 and #2), Marty Siegrist and Signe Jensen (#3), and Tina Henry (#4).

Released in the 1970s, Alpha Continuum was devoted to the television series Star Trek.

The first issue appeared in 1976, and was edited by Marty Siegrist. Front cover art was by Marty Siegrist; back cover art was by Signe Landon. Interior art was by Paula Block, Ingrid Cross, Connie Faddis (Interphase), Kathi Lynn Higley, Gee Moaven, Laurraine Tutihasi (Feline Mewsings), Thetis "Mother Rock. Written contributions were by Ingrid Cross, Leslie Fish, Signe Jesson, Anne Laurie Logan, Valerie McLean, Cheryl Rice, and Mandi Schultz.

Issue 2 was released in March 1977, and was edited by Marty Siegrist. Front and back cover art are by Marty Siegrist. Interior art is by Paula Block, Gerry Downes, Connie Faddis, Amy Falkowitz, M.J. Fisher, Kathi Lynn Higley, Signed Landon, Gee Moaven, Richard Schultz (En Garde), and Marty Siegrist. Written contributions were by Paula Block, Mona Delitsky, Gerry Downes, Connie R. Faddis, Jocelyn Feaster, Leslie Fish, Karen Fleming, Leslie Hobart, Meg Hogue, Signe Jenson, Anne Laurie Logan, April Pentland, L. Jeanne Powers, Cheryl Rice, and Mandi Schultz.

Issue 3 was published in May 1980, and edited by Marty Siegrist and Signe Jenson. Contributions of art were by Lisa Agostinelli, Shona Jackson, Vel Jaeger, Marty Siegrist, Laura Virgil, and Allyson Whitfield. Written contributions were by Toni Cardinal-Price, Jeanne Cavalos, Ingrid Cross, Jocelyn Feaster, Frankie Jemison, Anne Laurie Logan, L. Jeanne Powers, Cheryl Rice, Laurie Shanahan, and Garol A. Taddeo.

Issue 4 was also released in 1980, was edited by Tina Henry, and was subtitled "Phoenix". Front cover art was by Marty Siegrist and back cover art by Joni Wagner. Interior art by Randy Ash, Amy Falkowitz, Kathi Lynn Higley, Signe Landon, Allyson Whitfield, and Marty Siegrist. Writing was by Ingrid Cross, Vicky Edgerton, Daphne Hamilton, Rusty Hancock, Anne Laurie Logan, Dayle Palko, April Pentland, Cheryl Rice, Mandi Schultz, and Donna Toutant. "Made For Each Other" by Anne Laurie Logan was reprinted from Warped Space #6. "Memento Mori" by Cheryl Rice was reprinted from Guardian #2.