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Alexiad is a science fiction fanzine by Lisa Major and Joseph Major.

Alexiad is published in Louisville, Kentucky. U.S.A. It features news, commentary, articles, and many book reviews.

According to the blogger "Purpleranger", "Alexiad started because the Fanzine Lounge at The Millennium Philcon had a computer and printer on hand for do it yourself fanzines. Lisa put together a single-page something, and it wasn't until she and Joe returned from Philadelphia that they decided to turn that into an ongoing project."

The staff writers for the fanzine are Joseph Major, Lisa Major and Grant McCormick.

Contributors include Johnny Carruthers, C.T. Fluhr, and Taral Wayne (DNQ).

Letters come from Dainis Bisenieks, Ned Brooks (It Goes On The Shelf), Sue Burke, Brad Foster, Steve Green, John Hertz, Jerry Kaugman (Littlebrook), Darrell Schweitzer, Joy V. Smith, R-Laurraine Tutihasi, and Taras Woleansky.