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Alex Wrekk

Alex Wrekk (born June 19, 1977) is a zinester from Portland, OR.

Wrekk was born in Houston, Texas, where she lived for the first nine years of life. She moved to North Carolina then to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she started zining.

Wrekk was first introduced to zines after meeting some kids in the midwest in the mid '90's. Her early influences include comic zines like Bad Art. From there she and her sister, Webly Bowles, created their first zine Fun in a Bucket.

Since Salt Lake City lacked in interest, knowledge and respect of zines, Wrekk looked mainly to pen pals for other zines and inspiration. She later broke away from the silliness of Fun in a Bucket and started her own zine, Brainscan, a more serious zine. Wrekk later moved to Portland where she found and contributed to the zine community.

Alex Wrekk met Joe Biel as a pen pal in the late '90s. Wrekk convinced Biel to move to Portland since his house burned down. Wrekk started helping Biel with his record and zine distro, Microcosm Publishing, out of their home. A few years later, Microcosm grew and moved into office space below Liberty Hall, in large part thanks to the original zines and books they were publishing, including Wrekk's own successful Stolen Sharpie Revolution resource.


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