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*[[Adventures in Reality]]
*[[Adventures in Reality]]
*[[Certain Substances]]
*[[Certain Substances]]
*[[Not the Jobhunter]]
*[[Not the Job Hunter]]
*[[Sticky Fingers]]
*[[Sticky Fingers]]

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Alan Rider was the editor of renowned UK fanzine Adventures in Reality, one of the vanguard of UK music fanzines in the 1980s along with Jamming, Panache,Vague and Kill Your Pet Puppy.

He later went on to form bands Stress and Dance Naked and also peformed a complex sound and light show with bands Attrition and Legendary Pink Dots, touring extensively with both bands across Europe. He also ran the record label Adventures in Reality Recordings and was part of the Terminal Kaleidoscope collective in London, along with the Legendary Pink Dots. He currently lives on the moon.

Spin off fanzines also produced by Alan Rider were Sticky Fingers, Certain Substances, Negative Reaction and Agit Zine Not The Jobhunter. Alan also contributed to various national music magazines including Spiral Scratch and Empty Quarter.



  • Empty Quarter
  • Spiral Scratch
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