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Al Hoff is a zinester from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Al Hoff is best known for her zine Thrift Score, subtitled, "the zine about the fun of too much thrifting", which was the ongoing chronicle of Al Hoff‘s adventures in thrift stores, including her experiences with other shoppers, as well as descriptions of popular thrift store items and tips on second hand shopping. Thrift Score was published from 1994 till 1998.

Around the same time Al Hoff began writing a regular column called "Pittsburgh: Don't Park Where You See a Chair" for the fanzine Oblong, by Bruce Townley, which ran till 1998.

In 1997, Hoff published the book Thrift Score: The Stuff, The Method, The Madness!. That same year, she released If you like pina coladas..., a one shot zine consisting of personal ads she had found, focusing on the weird, funny and disturbing ads in all categories. Al said she read 34,772 ads to make the zine.

She released her next zine, I Can't Stop Watching Bad Movies in 1999.


  • Thrift Score: The Stuff, The Method, The Madness! (HarperCollins, ISBN 0060952091) 1997



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