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Image of Abstract Door #1 cover; door based on Swift Hall at University of Chicago.
Abstract Door #1: JOBS OTZ (Spring 2013)

Abstract Door is a zine written by Vicky Lim in Chicago, Illinois.

Abstract Door is published in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. The first issue appeared in Spring 2013. Three issues have been released.

The editor writes, 'A pocket-sized, long-term serial of text-heavy, unfriendly, unapologetic length, non-chronological, guided by my Virgo horoscope & introspective meditations of experiences I’ve tried to open or enter but am unable to. To give these stories a place I can reference later. To remain “minor,” local, approachable. For this to be like a letter, or a “business card”—friendship card—passing from my hand to yours & for you to consider writing me back. "A zine is something I do because I have something to say and I don't care who sees it as long as it's out there." Thanks for reading!

Contact Information

Email: cherevicky at gmail dot com