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Abstract Door #3
LOVE LETTER (Fall 2013)

Abstract Door is a zine written by Vicky Lim in Chicago, Illinois. The first issue appeared in Spring 2013.

A pocket-sized, long-term serial of text-heavy, unfriendly, unapologetic length, non-chronological, guided by my Virgo horoscope & introspective meditations of experiences I’ve tried to open or enter but am unable to. To give these stories a place I can reference later. To remain “minor,” local, approachable. For this to be like a letter, or a “business card”—friendship card—passing from my hand to yours & for you to consider writing me back. "A zine is something I do because I have something to say and I don't care who sees it as long as it's out there." Thanks for reading!
(inside cover description)

Contact Information

Email: cherevicky at gmail dot com