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Aboveground Zine Library. located at Iron Rail Bookstore // 511 Marigny Street (at Decatur Street) in New Orleans, LA. 
Open daily from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM // 504-944-0366 
Aboveground Zine Library is up and running again. The library open on February the 28th in 2004 and then reopen at a different location on February 16th in 2005. The library again reopen 2 months after Hurricane Katrina. It was the first library to open up in the NEW New Orleans. The zine library is located at Iron Rail Bookstore on 511 Marigny Street in New Orleans, LA. Aboveground Zine Library is open everyday from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If lost and can’t find the library then call 504-944-0366 during zine opening hours. Aboveground Zine Library is a partnership between Quickdummies Fanzine, Iron Rail Bookstore & Hot Iron Press. Aboveground Zine Library is a selection of zines and independent  pubs from across the world. It’s a reading room and its not yours typical library. A table, chairs, reading light, copying machine are provided if you will liked to read one of the thousands in the zine library. Please respect the zine library and Iron Rail Bookstore. Some of the zines in the library are more than 50 years old and be careful when handling them. Return read zines in one  of the return boxes located on a bookshelf. Aboveground zine library is a collection of zines and it also contains chapbooks, newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, and New Orleans culture. Aboveground Zine Library understands and have respect of admiration for all Info-Shops in the world. Aboveground Zine Library is influenced in the spirit of what a Info-Shop is. Aboveground Zine Library at this time can’t let you checkout a zine or magazine with your Iron Rail Bookstore Library card. Maybe in the future  this will change. You’re more than welcome to checkout a book with your Iron Rail Bookstore library card from the selection of Zine Books.
The naming behind Aboveground Zine Library.
Reasons behind the name Aboveground Zine Library? It fits the idea of the library just right. Why isn’t it called underground zine library? The reasons is simply, it’s not an underground zine library. It’s out in the public and the library isn’t stashed in a secret location. Another reason giving the name is the library original location was right across the street from a cemetery. When people are buried after their passing on earth and their place in tombs that are aboveground. The reason being is that New Orleans in below sea level and the caskets would would sink in the ground.

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