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Abby Denson is an artist and minicomics creator living in New York, U.S.A.

Abby released her first minicomic in 1996. Called Tough Love, it was the story of gay teens coming out in high school; Brian, a shy suburban boy, Chris, his kung-fu kicking boyfriend, and Julie, Brian's best friend. Tough Love attracted the attention of XY Magazine, a newsstand magazine for younger gays, and serialed the comic over a couple of years, garnering the comic many fans. At the same time as the comic was serialized, Abby was also releasing it as a minicomic, untill the series came to an end. In the 2000's, the entire series was relased as a graphic novel and published by Manic D Press. In 2007, Abby won the "Lulu of the Year" award from Friends Of Lulu.

Since the, Abby has continued to release various minicomics, such as Dolltopia, Deadsy Cat & Kissy Kitty, and Jamie Starr Teen Drag Queen, while working for more mainstream comics companies. She also has published comic series on the Internet, such as "Car Trouble" and "lost In The Desert", bith available through her website. She has played in several bands including Mz. Pakman, Let's Audio, Abbymatic, her solo project,and, most recently, The Saturday Night Things.



  • Tough Love, published by Manic D Press, 2006

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