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APiTO (1988-) is an Queensland-based independent label and fanzine featuring and distributing punk independent music. Since its inception APiTO has produced 20 issues including two special issues.


  • No. 1: Featured Noise and Smegma.
  • No. 2: Featured Chaotic Discord, Neurotics and Community Disturbance. Cover star: Rancid Rotten Idol.
  • No. 3: Featured Poisoned by Alcohol, T*O*S, Fatty Arbunkle, Stain, and Fixtures. Cover star: Robin Steward. Included bonus C-60 audio-cassette zine
  • No. 4: Featured Superfetazione, Madmen, Hard-Ons, Cure, Insane Hombres.
  • No. 5: Bastard Squad, Ruther Rebel, Madmen, Conflict, Sonic Youth, X, Instigators, Insane Hombres Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Cover star: Morrissey.
  • No. 6: Featured Noise, Hard-Ons, Hot Tomatoes, Bad Ronald. Cover star: Hard-Ons and Noise.

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