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[http://canisterx.wordpress.com ''Canister X'']
[http://canisterx.wordpress.com ''Canister X'']
[http://www.coscomentertainment.com '''Coscom Entertainment''']
[http://www.coscomentertainment.com Coscom Entertainment Web site]

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A.P. Fuchs is a writer, publisher and zinester based out of Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Fuchs began writing in 2000 and formed his company, Coscom Entertainment, in 2004 (though the idea and name for the company came to him seven years earlier).

Not only does he publish books in the superhero and monster genres, but he also publishes the perzine, Bumper Sticker Shine, and the fanzine, Canister X.

External Links

Canister X

Coscom Entertainment Web site

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