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‎AJ 73 16‎ was a science fiction fanzine by Sgt. Hal Shapiro.

At least two issues of this mimeographed apazine appeared in the 1950s , published in Kirksville, Missouri, U.S.A. for the Spectator Amateur Press Society.

Issue 1 appeared in the July 1952 mailing of SAPS 293; Issue 2 was included in the September 1952 mailing of SAPS 294.

in an advertisement for the sale of this title, it's described as "Maybe the only fanzine published by a serviceman restricted to base for going to a Science Fiction convention and returning late."

Mailing comments and letters etc, are also included.

Hal Shapiro also published the fanzine Hallucinations and the first 'Filk' fanzine STF & FSY Songbook, published in 1960.