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*[[Art of procrastination]]
*[[Art of procrastination]]
*[[Change the world in 7 days]]
*[[Change the world in 7 days]]
*[[Rebel grrl zine]]
==External links==  
==External links==  

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50:50 Zine is a zine made by Pippa, published in the UK.

Issue #1 is a single, double-sided A4 sheet with 50 things the editor loves on one side, and 50 things she hates on the other side.

Issue #2 is the same format as #1, with 50 ways to be happy on one side, and 50 ways to be sad on the other.

Both are handwritten with doodles as background.


Pippa, PO Box 4663, Sheffield, S1 9FN, United Kingdom

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