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1-up is a zine by Raina Lee.

1-up is devoted to videogame culture. Each issue has a silk screened cover and includes personal stories, criticism, art work and comics. Editor Lee has said that, with her zine, she wants to "explore video games from a more critical perspective, as a cultural phenomena."

In issue two, Lee offers a critical feminist reading of the Sony Playstation game Um Jammer Lammy. Lee interprets the major character of "Lammy" a "guitar-playing action chick" as a potential role model. She writes; "A wearer of many hats, Lammy can also e seen as a metaphor for the modern lady who has many roles to fulfill, including the career woman/wife/mother who comes home from work to work another shift of 'family life'."

Included in issue three is a special "Street Fighter" section, commentary on "America's Army" and interviews with Billy Mitchell and D. B. Weiss. Contributing artists include Jordan Crane, Sammy Harkham, Megan Whitmarsh, Kozyndan and Martin Cendreda, with art direction by Jhom Pham. Three issues have so far been released.

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