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[[Category:2010s publications]]

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*INErecursively stands for *ine Is No zinE

A self-publication by David Lasnier, who hopes to publish 26 issues around bits of architecture. The issues, which title changes each time are then AINE; BINE; CINE; and so on. It's a double sided A4 page, one side is a full bleed black-and-white picture, the other side is only vector based and includes a square common to all issues. The first issues have been published in January, 2010. Of these;

  • 100 are printed
  • 50 are spread for free
  • the file is available for download
  • 50 are completed by hand, numbered, signed and for sale

External links

This publication is documented, available for sale and download on this page : *INE on lasnier.me