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$100 & a T-Shirt movie cover

$100 & A T-Shirt is a 71-minute documentary film about zines. It was created by Basil Shadid, Rev. Phil Sano, Nickey Robo, and Joe Biel and distributed by Microcosm Publishing.

While the film is billed as being about the Northwest zine community, it really just focuses on Portland, Oregon. The film delves into what zines are, who makes them and why, zine resources and the future of self publishing, all told through interviews with a number of Oregon zine publishers and fans. It also includes footage from Portland's annual Zine Symposium, a zine bicycle tour of Portland, and music by J Church and Defiance, OH.

$100 & A T-Shirt was released both on DVD and VHS and is currently available through Microcosm.

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