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Zohar #1 Winter 2016-2017

ZOHAR: Arte, cultura y palabra is a spanish fanzine devoted to art, literature and culture.


Zohar #1

The first issue contains a series of unpublished articles ranging from a photo essay to a surrealist prose poem translated for the first time. Venice Sauvée is made up of a selection of photographies of the venetian monuments during the First World War. With Cantos (Chants), a transcription of spanish popular songs, Zohar rescues a series of verses originally written on slate boards during the 1920's. The bulk of the issue is comprised of a bilingual translation of the poem Paul Klee (1930), by the surrealist author René Crevel on the aforementioned german painter. A long presentation about the life and work of Crevel accompanies the text.

A preview of the fanzine can be seen on Issuu.

80 pages; 14 x 20 cm.

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