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The Zine Librarian Interest Group is a collective of people interested in zine libraries, from starting up a collection to cataloging the materials. The group is currently very grassroots and most of the activity takes place on the zine librarians e-mail listserv.


Since 2009 the ZLIG has had a series of (un)Conferences. These have been physical meet-ups where the attendees have been able to share information and work on projects of relevance to zinester and zine library communities.



Zinelibraries.info was created in 2007 to share resources regarding collections, programming, preservation, and the promotion of zine collections–beyond the email list.

Zinelibraries.info exists as a place where zine librarians of all stripes can share information, documentation, advice and news pertinent to zine libraries worldwide. We welcome zine librarians and archivists to sign up, log in, create content, post blog entries and to use this site in whatever ways best support and improve zine libraries everywhere!

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