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Issue 4 March 1988
Cover art by Stu Shiffman

Whistlestar is a science fiction fanzine by Lenny Bailes.

Whistlestar was published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. first in the 1980s and then revived in the 2000s.

Issue 1 appeared in June, 1984. Contributors to issue 1 included Jeanne Bowman, Lucy Huntzinger (Rude Bitch), and Dave Rike (Innuendo).

Issue 2 was released in January 1985.

Issue 3 was published on December 27, 1985. Contributors of writing included Mitch Bailes, Jeanne Bowman, Robert Lichtman (Trap Door), among others. Poetry was contributed by Jerry Ferraz. Contributors of artwork included Lenny Bailes, Jeanne Bowman, Brad Foster, Steve Laffler, Ray Nelson, William Rotsler, and Stu Shiffman (Raffles). Letters came from Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), among others.

Issue 4 appeared in March 1988. It featured cover art by Stu Shiffman, with an alien explorer discovering a treasure chest that is labeled "Property of Q. Wertyuiop" (A typewriter's keyboard arrangement is called QWERTYUIOP from its first line.)

Issue 5 was released in 1989.

After a break of many years, Issue 6 appeared in January 2002. Contributors of writing included Andy Hooper (Chunga), Jo Walton, and Ted White (BLAT!). Contributors of art work included William Rotsler, and Steve Stiles.

Issue 7, from 2008, included writing by rich brown (Focal Point), Andy Hooper, Dan Steffan (BLAT!), and Ted White. Contributing artists included C.C. Beck, Harry Bell (Grimwab), Gene Deitch, Brad Foster, William Rotsler, Dan Steffan, and Alan White. Letters came from Harry Bell, Brad Foster, and David M. Sherwood.

Lenny Bailes had previously co-published Quip with Arnie Katz.

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