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Issue 2 November 1973
Cover art by Jay Kinney

Whatever was a science fiction fanzine by Mark and Paula-Ann Anthony.

Published in Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A., Whatever was released in the 1970s. The first issue appeared in 1972, the second issue in November 1973, the third issue in 1974, and a fourth issue was also the last to be published in May 1975.

Contributors of cover art work included Jay Kinney (Nope!) (issue 2) and Vaughn Bode (issue 4). Interior illustrations were by Mark Anthony, John D. Berry (Egoboo), Grant Canfield, Rob Carver, Julie Cox, Tim Kirk, A. Lunsectro, Jim McLeod (Interplanetary Corn Chips), Lee Nordling, John Pound, William Rotsler, Jim Shull (The Essence), and Dan Steffan (Boonfark).

Contributors of poetry included Terry Ballard, and Phillip Ream.

Contributors of articles included Terry Ballard, Brant Bates, Matt Henson, Albert Lesken, Bliu Magjik, W. H. Patterson, Billie Price, Ken St. Andre, and the editors.

Letters came from Nyle Beatty, Gerard Giannattasio, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen, Xenium), and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons).

In her review for Karass #6 of August 1974, Linda Bushyager writes of Whatever issue 3; "Maybe the genzine is not really dead...This is 45 pages and very much reminds me of Interplanetary Corn Chips and many other genzines which were so prevalent 3 years ago. It is nicely mimeoed with lots of white space...effort has been made in layout to give a neat appearance. Interesting editorial, astrology article (Chinese astrology), SF movie article, Fiction, reviews, locs...Mark and Paula have a lot of enthusiasm and are trying. GOOD."