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Cover of issue 6
Issue 5

Vertigo was a zine from Brighton in the UK.

Vertigo was made by Bruce, Steve and Mark who did six issues of the zine from around 1993 to 1998. Around 100 to 500 copies of the zine were produced every issue and the zine was an A5 zine. The fifth issue had hand decorated covers and the sixth issue was sold with a free small A6 zine Aquavelva. The sixth issue was an usual shape - similar to that of a 7" with an envelope like cover. Up until the final issue the zine regularly featured interviews including ones with Girls Against Boys, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Butthole Surfers, Mule, Understand, I'm Being Good and Jawbox. The final issue had no interviews but many articles including a guide to pubs in Brighton, the top ten pub toilets in Brighton and top ten girl group songs to name just a few.

The writers of the zine also contributed a series of articles about the local zine scene in Brighton to an independent listings magazine which they republished on the website. The zine writers also started a club in Brighton named after the zine and two of the writers, Mark and Steve were DJs at many alternative music gigs.

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