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Issue 1 June 1944
Cover art by Karl Welsh

Venus is a science fiction fanzine by Lora Crozetti.

The first issue was published in June 1944, in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. It was a 32 page, mimeographed fanzine with a photo insert page, published under the auspices of LASFS, the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.

Glen Daniels is listed as the Associate Editor.

The front cover art is by Karl Welsh. Contents include: “Dressed Up Westerns,” a column by Wilson “Bob” Tucker (Le Zombie); “Odd John, Fact or Fiction?” by Glen Daniels; “Earthbound We Shall Be” fiction by John Mercury Loring; “A Song of Love and Lament,” verse by Jon Arnold; A page of photographs, including a picture of Francis Towner Laney (The Acolyte), and one of Fritz Lang on the set of “Metropolis”; “At Lang Last” a column on meeting Fritz Lang by Forrest J Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation); “Shadows in the Woods,” a short story by Leigh Brackett; A full page ad congratulating the editors of VENUS, from the editors of Fan Slant and Toward Tomorrow ( James Kepner), followed by three full-page illustrations; “Venus Moon,” an Astronomy article by Arthur Louis Joquel II (FMZ Digest, Specula, Sun Trails); “Mad Filled Night,” verse by Lynn Starr; “How to Publish,” a column by Lara Crozetti; “Fantasie,” verse by Jean Arnold; Rear Cover art by Joe Gibson (G2).

The reviewer for Startling Stories (Vol. 11 No. 3 of Winter 1945) writes, "There is no keeping these Southern California fan-tods down. Lora Crozetti, abetted by Glen Daniels has here come up with a new 32-page-plus-jacket Job on very fancy multi-colored paper loaded with fiction by such headliners as Leigh Brackett, Bob Tucker and the editors, poetry by Lynn Starr and fantanudes by Joe, Lora Crozetti and Karl Welch. This month's star entry in fanzines. Congratulations, Lora."

Lora Crozetti also did artwork for publications such as William Crawford's Fantasy Book and wrote the book The Widderburn Horror.