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Hi there, I was just tipped off to this page existing by my mother and am curious how you came to care enough to get so much info on Rory aside from just being a history buff maybe. I ask because I am the Great Grandson of Rory, Dottie and apparantly Grandma the Demon (my personal favorite). I've only heard stories about her and sadly never got to meet her while she was alive. Because of this wiki, and upon finding out my Mom just dug up a folio of all her poems and short stories, I'm in the process of getting permission from the family to scan the original typed work by her but I also want to retype it all myself since some of it has food stains and such from age and misuse. Also, couldn't figure out any other way to message you, hopefully this is the right way. Is there any way we can discuss this further offline? -

Hi Rayn, It's a pleasure to hear from you, and an honour to meet Rory's Great Grandson! I've always been interested in fanzines and their history, and especially the exciting women who were involved in the early years. and so I wanted to post articles about them on Zine Wiki. All the info I got for the article I wrote about Rory came from searching on the internet, just using Google. I don't really have access to any other sources. I think it's great that your family has preserved her poems and short stories, and I hope very much you can get them published, as Rory certainly deserves recognition and a wider audience for her work. If you'd like to leave an email address, I can get in touch with you if you think I can be of any help. All the best! InvisibleFriend 23:55, 27 December 2012 (UTC)