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I had added Janet, a zine collaboration I'm a part of. It disappeared, so I've added the link again. I wonder if it seemed to violate copyright, so it was removed? Not's all our work. - Janet

The reason your link was removed is probably because if you will take a quick look at all the other links you'll see that none of them link to external or off-site links, they all link to the pages about the zines that are on Zine Wiki. For this reason, I'm going to remove your link again. I will substitute it with a link to an article on Janet that I will begin, and put your external link on that page. Please take a moment to read the introductory page, and the pages on writing an article, and then you can expand on the article I have begun for your zine. Happy editing! InvisibleFriend 18:08, 16 October 2010 (UTC)