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Hello Bokor Hill and thanks very much for your contributions to Zine Wiki! Your article on Glossolalia is great, we appreciate having it here.Jut a couple of notes - we don't like to include a lot of external links here, especially not to people or things not zine-related. Just check around and take a look at the other articles to get a feel for the way we generally format articles and you'll gt a pretty good idea of what we're going for. Thanks, and happy editing at Zine Wiki!InvisibleFriend 18:41, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

Hi Invisible Friend - do you want me to go in and remove the links? No worries, I just thought that people might interested in seeing info on the bands we interviewed.

Hi again, no that's ok, I've done it. I also made a couple of other stylistic changes to bring it into line with our formating. Feel free to add external links pertaining to the zine or to the editors at the bottom under the heading "External links". Also please feel free to write bios for either of the editors, as we include articles on zine editors as well! InvisibleFriend 19:06, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

Hi again - thanks for everything. It looks great and I appreciate the opportunity to put up info on this long-forgotten zine! The one thing I changed back was the spelling of the punk band, the Cheifs -- they spelled it that way since the band leader didn't know how to spell so it's like that on their records and such.

You're very welcome! It's great to have this info about Glossolalia. Please feel free to add info about any other zines we don't have yet. And thanks for correcting my spelling mistake! InvisibleFriend 09:23, 18 September 2009 (UTC)