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Hello Belka, Just to let you know, Zine Wiki is a historical site that catalogs all zines. Once zines have been published and sold, the information about them enters the public domain, just as it does for any periodical, whether it is a magazine, a newspaper, a pamphlet, a journal, or anything that is reproduced, regardless of the amount of copies that are made. This is because people own copies of the publications and are free to write about them for books, magazines, blogs, Zine Wiki, or what have you, just as they could write about a CD for a music site, even if only the musician only sold ten copies. I have deleted your last name, since I imagine you are worried someone might find out you published this zine at one time if they do a search on the internet. I hope this will be sufficient.InvisibleFriend 06:39, 4 April 2014 (UTC)