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Hey, do we know each other? I am Ananda La Vita. If you know me, or even if you don't, I'd like to hear from you directly... I'm just curious who you are and why you took out the cover of the 3rd issue of Swallow Your Pride. Your edit note says you replaced it with a more appropriate size, but it's not there at all anymore... Should I replace it? Thanks! alv09 (at) riseup (dot) net

Hi Ananda! I don't think we know each other but it's nice to meet you! I'm one of the administrators of Zine Wiki. I reduced the size of the first two issues of Swallow Your Pride so they could fit alongside the text in the article. We normally don't have multiple images from various issues for one article. The reason for this is that if we allow contributors to place as many large images as they wish, then we would quickly start to exceed our bandwidth costs. Also we like to format the pages so that the text and the images accompany one another, rather than having large images with no text beside them. So actually, Swallow Your Pride is already an exception to the rule, having two images! In this case, there was enough information (text) about the zine to justify this.

I understand that many people think of Zine Wiki as being akin to an archive, and want to include as much information as possible to preserve it for posterity. However, actually we are an encyclopedia of zines; so we don't include a photo of every issue of a zine, or reprints from zines, and so on. We are interesting in recording all zines, and details such as dates published, location published, years published, theme and content, and other relevant information with a sample photo of one issue. We are also interested in zine editors and so it would be great if you'd like to add a profile of yourself with a photo if you like, and any information about zines you've edited, such as Swallow Your Pride or any others you've contributed to!InvisibleFriend 20:37, 20 October 2010 (UTC)