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Hello Abchiu, Welcome to Zine Wiki and thanks for your contributions! As you've noticed, I categorized the article you wrote for the zine Battles as a comic zine. I assumed it is a comic zine based on the information you've given in your article: that it was created at the San Diego COMIC=Con, and that it was done by students of the Neko Press COMIC art school. I don't disagree with you that comics are definitely an art form; however it's my thought that the audience for this zine, and readers of this article will be interested in the publication because it IS comic art. If it is categorized as a "Comic Zine", then readers looking in that category will be able to find it much easier. The zines you might find in the category of "Art Zines" are publications dealing with work displayed in galleries, such as photography, painting and drawing, or linocut, woodblock, stencilled and silkscreened art, or work that is multi media. If you still feel that this zine best fits the Art Zines category, please do use it: if you think readers of Comic Zines will be most interested in the publication, please use that categorization. Whatever you decide, happy editing at Zine Wiki! InvisibleFriend 03:18, 3 December 2007 (EST)