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This is my anime profile picture version of me on my YouTube channel:

About me

Hello, I'm LDShadowLady. I generally do anti-vandalism work around here. As I sometimes welcome new users, I cannot tell on which or whom accounts are created by real persons or by bots. I also do article cleanups/expand. I do appreciate constructive feedback, especially if I make a mistake.

My works and interests

I'm interested in sustainability, transitions, climate change, community engagement in environmental and social issues, disaster management and conflict resolution. I would also like to think that I have learned a great deal, but really, my learning has made me realise that I know very little and that there is always much more to learn. As I keep learning, I like to share what I do know, which I why I like Zinewiki. Hopefully, the occasional small edits I add here and there are of help to the wider community. If you ever want to drop me a note, please do!


Feel free to contact me via:

  • My talk page
  • Email or send to
  • Instagram: @x_Dove_Rose_Smith_3
  • YouTube: Dove Windsor

Articles expanded/cleaned up

January 2019

February 2019

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