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David L Tamarin

"The rising star of horrific humor" -Elizabeth Massie, author of Wire Mesh Mothers, Sineater and more

Films: (mostly as an extra):

Prison of the Psychotic Damned The Gateway Meat Grown Ups Beg Nun of That Legless The Dead Walk Among Us What's Your Number? Junkmail Countess Bathoria's Graveyard Picture Show Slip and Fall Crooked Lane What A Pill The One The Loudest Sound A Bloody Development A Quicksilver Lining

TV Pilots (as extra):

Empire State The Quinn-Tuplets House Rules Body of Evidence

Commercials: iParty 2009 Hallowen commercial Stingray Tattoos Psycho-parody ad (played lead- Allston Norman).

Videos: Legless by Sorrowseed


Let Them Eat Snuff (

Screenplays: Countess Bathroia's Graveyard Picturre Show (co-writer) The Gateway Meat (contributing writer)

Published in: Verbicide; RUE MORGUE; Red Scream; Insidious Reflections (winner, 50 words or less Gross Out contest; Sinfully Twisted; Twisted Dreams; Chimeraworld 2; Chimeraworld 3; GOREmet cuiSINe; CyberPulp's Halloween 3.0 anthology; Purpleverse; Trail of Indiscretion; Night to Dawn; Escaping Elsewhere; Theatre of Decay; Scars; Project Contagion Volume 1; Ethereal Gazette; Girls and Corpses, Purpleverse; The Death Mook; Other Voices, Other Things; Six Word Memoirs on Love and heartbreak; Six Word Memoirs: Not Quite What I Expected,

E-zines: too many to mention but including: The Dream People; Bust Down the Doors and Eat all the Chickens; corpsef**k; Girls and Corpses; Justus Roux; Logical-Lust; (in the Mind Control section); Wicked Karnival; withersin; Necrotic Tissue; deathbus; bloodcookies; The Unholy Biscuit; Wretched and Violent; Cherry Bleeds; Gothic Fairy Tales; Whispers of Wickedness; Really Scary; TrumpZero; Cherry Bleeds, MySpace Book Club; stabbed tortured and dismembered; DemonMinds,

Former Associate Editor, Red Scream Magazine Author of column "UGLY WORLD" for Severed Cinema, at Chief "Corpsepondent": Girls and Corpses magazine Columnist at Creator of copyrighted "Cannibal Man" with Robert Rhine Placed in Top 10 of a Preditors and Editors poll on Best Non Fiction

Legal Articles:

Getting Away with Torture: Why America's Prisons are 'Animal Factories'

Mandatory Drug Sentencing Ultimately Costs the Taxpayer

Article on Mumia abu-Jamal book

How to Re-Finance Your Home