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Creator of the 'zine "Brass Milk" and the short lived "Accidental Emo: Do not cut with razor", Clare L. is the only known 'zinester living on Salt Spring Island. (She was not, however, the first 'zinester of Salt Spring Island, as Ezra F. was the first come out with a 'zine titled "Opinion", a small mini-zine with a limited circulation.) Drawn to create a 'zine after being exposed to them through trips to Victoria and from the first 'zine that was created on Salt Spring, Brass Milk was formed with the idea of bringing together word and visual art in a print format. Clare felt the need to share her writing with the world in a more concrete manner and the idea to self-publish was too strong and radical to be ignored.

Format and History

Started 2005, Brass Milk came out as a single sheet, double sided. It was small and done using Windows 98 on a piece of crap computer. Using textboxes and scanned images, Clare created a rather simple 'zine that later progressed into a half-zine. Later, to create a more distinct look, a heavier coloured paper wasused for the cover. In between regular issues, Clare would occasionally put out mini-issues, single sheets that were used to sate her audience while she was on brief hiatus from the 'zine world. Clare is now onto her 25th issue in just over 2 years, with only one issue of Accidental Emo: Do not cut with razor ever coming out. R.I.P. oh Dead 'Zine.