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I have a vast zine collection from the early to late 1990s that I hope to gradually use to update ZineWiki with -- at least with the ones I consider to be the most significant. I was a member of the public sticker group that Swallow Your Pride zine originally came out of. I helped make the first and third issues of that zine. If I accidentally misrepresented you or your work on the Swallow Your Pride wiki page, please accept my apology.

My own involvement with zine-making has been as the creator of Smile for Me, an untitled zine about domestic violence, and as a contributor to, and sometimes co-editor of, numerous zines including Riot Grrrl (D.C. and New York City), Piss & Vinegar, and a series of activist zines.

The zines that I have and helped create reflect the movements I was and am part of: Riot Grrrl, early '90s punk, and radical feminist/queer/social justice politics.