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Issue 2 Summer 1955
Cover art by Harry Turner

Ugh! is a science fiction fanzine by Pamela Bulmer.

Ugh! was released in the UK. It was an Apazine, distributed by Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association (OMPA).

The first issue appeared an Autumn 1954. It was 12 pages, and was included in the first mailing of OMPA.

The second issue was published in Summer 1955. It was 10 pages and was included in the 4th mailing of OMPA. The cover art for this issue was by Harry Turner (Now & Then).

June 1956 saw the release of the 3rd and last issue of Ugh!. It was 14 pages and was included in OMPA 8.

Pamela Bulmer was also one of the editors of Femizine. As well, she and Ken Bulmer co-edited the fanzine Steam; the Winter 1955 issue was a split zine with Lee Hoffman's The Chattahoochee, Okefenokee, & Ogeechee Occasional Gazette.