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TraumaRama #2, May 2017

TraumaRama is a zine series created by Kari Tervo in California, U.S.A. The first issue was published in January 2017. It is in a half-size format, with a multi-colored cover and black-and-white content.

This zine series explores Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be a difficult disorder to manage. Not only do people with PTSD have to cope with the emotional aftermath of trauma, there is significant societal stigma regarding mental illness. In TraumaRama, Kari aims to end the stigma and educate people about PTSD with accounts both honest and academic. The series aims to be part memoir and part educational and support resource.


In May 2017, Ken Bausert wrote in The Ken Chronicles #43 that TraumaRama #1 is a "straightforward look at PTSD" that is "concise" and "totally intriguing." Ken would "recommend it to anyone who wants to learn something valuable from their reading material."

In December 2017, Fred Argoff wrote in Xerography Debt #42 that the re-framing of PTSD symptoms in a positive light in TraumaRama #1 "isn't the sort of thing that usually happens."

In December 2017, D. Blake Werts wrote in Xerography Debt #42 that "TraumaRama" #2 is "well-assembled" and "recommended."

In December 2017, Ken Bausert wrote in Xerography Debt #42 that "TraumaRama" #2 is "straightforward talk about a subject many people might know nothing about."

Issue Summaries

1, January 2017: In TraumaRama #1, Kari re-frames PTSD symptoms in a positive light, discusses why people with PTSD might be reluctant to discuss their experiences, and explains why psychological science says that campus "trigger warnings" are a bad idea. A presentation of crisis resources and coping skills round out the initial volume of this zine series.

2, May 2017: TraumaRama #2 introduces Trauma-Adjacent Tales as a means of acclimating both the author and her audience to discussing difficult circumstances. Kari also explains how psychological diagnoses are made, and reveals what it's like to have a "Foreshortened Sense of Future," complete with centerfold art spotlighting that symptom.


New York City: Bluestockings

Etsy: Sweet Mayhem Zinery


  • Kari Tervo, P.O. Box 7831, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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