Trade: Queer Things

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Trade: Queer Things was a zine published by Jon Pressick.

First released in Toronto in 1999, this quarterly zine was published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada until 2006.

Contributing artists include Lise Deaucry, Henry Golden, G.B. Jones, Toni Latour, and Daryl Vocat, among others.

Contributing writers included T. Archer, Mike Barry, Joanne Cey, Bryen Dunn, Kristyn Dunnion, Audrey Gagnon, Heze, Shannon Mitchell, Coman Poon, Lisa Bryn Rundle, and Cat Stinson, among others.

Included were articles on the bands Black Licorice Theory, Dance Yourself to Death, Dani Harris, Hunter Valentine, Kids On TV, Lesbians On Ecstacy, and Skinjobs; on filmmakers Christopher Lee, and Kika Thorne, and comic artist Patrick Fillion, among others.

Featured interviews included writers Debra Anderson, Tamai Kobayashi, and Michael V. Smith; musician Carole Pope; filmmaker Mirha-Soleil Ross, and others.

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