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The Zone
Issue 2 Spring 1995
Cover art by Kevin Cullen

The Zone was a small press publication devoted to horror, fantasy, and speculative fiction and poetry, edited by Tony Lee and published by Pigasus Press.

Nine issues were published from the UK, the first appeared in 1994, and the last issue in 2000.

Issue 1, Summer 1994, featured fiction by John Light, N.D. Long, and Charles Saplak; poetry by Bruce Boston; an interview with C.J. Cherryh; articles by John Francis Haines (Handshake), Kevin Lyons, Peter Schilling, and William Moody; and art work by Kevin Cullen and Alan Hunter.

Issue 2, Spring 1995, featured fiction by Mike Johnson, D.F. Lewis (Nemonymous), Katherine Roberts, and Richard Wonnacott; poetry by J.P.V. Stewart; articles by Andrew Darlington (Ludd's Mill), Rhys Hughes, Jim Lee, and John Light; and art by Kevin Cullen, Fucci, and Alan Hunter.

Issue 3, Autumn 1995, included fiction by Jill McGroarty, and David Ratcliffe; an interview with Iain M. Banks; articles by Andrew Darlington, Steven Hampton, Alan Kitch, Jim Lee, Rob Marshall, and Steve Sneyd (Data Dump); and art by Chris Crielaard, Alan Hunter, and Franz Miklis.

Issue 4, Summer 1996, featured fiction by Neal Asher, Chris Bell, Bruce Boston, Rhys Hughes, Dominic McDonagh, and Pat Walsh; poetry was by Allen Ashley, K.V. Bailey, Bruce Boston, Stephen Bowkett, Andrew Darlington, Vincent De Souza, Lilith Lorraine (Different, Challenge, Flame), William Meikle, Steve Sneyd, J.P.V. Stewart, and Teresa Williams; articles by Algis Budrys, Christopher Geary, Edward James, Jim Lee, and Steve Sneyd; art was by Kevin Cullen, and Alan Hunter.

Issue 5, Spring 1997, included fiction by Alan Casey, Andrew Darlington, Ceri Jordan, Brian Maycock, Eric Turowski, and Roddy Williams; poetry was by Steve Sneyd, and Ann Keith; an interview with Mary Gentle; articles by Bruce Boston, Steve Hampton, Rhys H. Hughes, Jim Lee, Jon Light, Carl Meewezen, Ivan Millett, and Andy Sawyer; and art by Alan Hunter, Janet Morris, and Roddy Williams.

Issue 6, Winter 1997-98, featured fiction by J.C. Hartley, Robert Reed, and Cyril Simsa; poetry by Mark McLaughlin (The Urbanite), and J.V.P. Stewart; an interview with Paul J. McAuley; articles by K.V. Bailey, Steve Hampton, Rhys H. Hughes, Patrick Hudson on J.G. Ballard, Joel Lane, Jim Lee, Katherine Roberts, David Sivier on H. P. Lovecraft, Steve Sneyd; comic strip by John Light and Chris Webb; and art by Alan Hunter, Zine Kat, Roberto Schima, and Chris Webb.

Issue 7, Winter 1998-99, included fiction by Robert Bagnall, Lloyd Michael Lohr and M.S. Raper, and Isabella Ripota; poetry by Steve Sneyd; interviews with Ray Bradbury (Futuria Fantasia) by Michael McCarty; William F. Nolan (Rhodomagnetic Digest) by Michale McCarty; and Frederil Pohl (The International Observer of Science and Science Fiction, Arcturus) by Michael McCarty; articles by Forest J Ackerman (Voice of the Imagi-Nation), Novacious), Andrew Darlington, Patrick Hudson, Donald Morefield, David Sivier, and Peter Tennant; art was by Kevin Cullen, Edgar Franco, Alan Hunter, and Roddy Williams.

Issue 8, Autumn 1999, featured fiction by Stephan Chapman, Robert Earl, Phil Emery, Simon Kewin, John Travis and D.F. Lewis, and David Underwood; poetry by Bruce Boston, Larry Blazek, John Light, and Steve Sneyd, interviews with Louise Cooper by David Mathew; Charles de Lint (Dragonfields) by Michael McCarty and Susan A. Leabhart; Jon Courtenay Grimwood by Duncan Lawie; Mickey Zucker Reichart by Michael McCarty and Susan Leabhart; articles by Andrew Darlington, Ceri Jordan, Jim Lee, Andy Robson, David Sivier, and Steve Sneyd; and art by Chris Crielaard, Edgar Franco, Alan Hunter, and John Light.

Issue 9, Summer 2000, included fiction by Neal Asher, Hugh Cook, John Light, and David Ratcliffe; poetry by Nancy Bennett, and Steve Sneyd; interviews with Pat Cadigan by David Mathew; Joe Haldeman by Patrick Hudson; Simon Ings by David Mathew; Dean Koontz (SF Opinion) by Michael McCarty; Alison Sinclair by Andrew Hedgecock; Howard Waldrop by David Mathew; articles by Steven Hampton, Jim Lee, Tony Lee, and Jeff Young; and art by Gak, and Alan Hunter.

After the 9th issue, The Zone moved to the Internet and became an on-line publication.

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