The Wretch Takes To Writing

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The Wretch Takes To Writing is a science fiction fanzine by Cheryl Cline.

Published in Concord, California, U.S.A., the title is taken from a quote by Virginia Woolf on writing: "Once the disease of reading has laid hold upon the system it weakens it so that it falls an easy prey to that other scourge which dwells in the ink pot and festers in the quill. The wretch takes to writing." The first issue appeared in 1978.

Issue 3 was reviewed in janus #17 (Summer 1980) by Diane Martin, who writes, "The Wretch takes to Writing #3. Some very entertaining writing here, by one Cheryl Cline. An article on (get this) "Feminism and Sci-Fi" by Rich Coad, several articles by various people on punk rock, letters, and hand-imprinted rubber-stamp illos. Kinky. "

Issue 5 was released in September 1980, featuring the theme of Wrestling.

Issue #7 is dated October 26th, 1982. Each issue is themes and this is the “Pig Out Issue,” all about food. Contents include: A guest editorial by William Breiding (Star Fire); "Pot Luck,” a collection of short essays on food from various correspondents, including: “Pink Unicorn Cookery” by Gary Mattingly (Skug); “Typhoid Harry” by Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons); “Tough Cookies” by Jim Jones; “Cheeks Full of Vegetables” by Luke McGuff; “No More Room for Jello” by Art Widner (YHOS); “Extinct Species: Breakfast Cereals of the Past” by Candi Strecker (Sidney Suppey's Quarterly & Confused Pet Monthly); “A Taste of Tomorrow” by Jim Jones; “Edible Vinyl: Music to Eat Burgers By” by Cline; “Foods for Moderns: A Compendium of Food Stories” by Candi Strecker.

The Letter-Column, titled “Apropos of Nothing,” includes correspondence from Art Widner, Andrew Brown, Joyce Scrivener, Avedon Carol (Chuch, Pulp, Rude Bitch), Mog Decarnin, Gary Mattingly, William Gibson (Genre Plat), Mike Glicksohn (Xenium), Denys Howard (Women And Men), Paul Skelton(Small Friendly Dog), Steve George, Linda Pickersgill (Six Shooter, Start Breaking Up), and Harry Warner Jr.

The back page is composed of lines lifted from the “Evaesdroppings” column in various issues of Walt Willis’ fanzine Hyphen.

Illustrations are by Bruce Townley (Oblong), Stephen Fox, Candi Strecker and Cheryl Cline.

Cheryl Cline also published the music fanzine Twangin' and wrote for Bitch Magazine.