The White Notebooks

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The White Notebooks
Issue 3

The White Notebooks is a perzine edited by Pete Young, containing a mix of non-genre and genre-related writing and produced in Hua Hin, Thailand.

The first five issues were paper and PDF, and from issue 6 PDF only.

The first issue appeared in June 2015 (also dated June 2558 in the Thai calendar) and has a quarterly schedule. Mailings include the supplemental single-sheet fanzine The Thai Literary Supplement, collecting reviews of genre and non-genre books about Thailand by Thai and non-Thai authors.

Artwork was by John Atkinson, James Gill, David Hayward, Rich Johnston, Grea K., Duncan Long, Ulrika O'Brien (Beam), William Rotsler, and D. West.

Contributions of writing came from Murray Moore (Aztec Blue).

Letters came from Brian Ameringen, James Bacon (Journey Planet), Tom Becker, John Bray, Jason Burnett, Randy Byers (Chunga), Graham Charnock (Vibrator), Chuck Connor (Thingumybob), Nic Farey (Beam), Brad Foster (The Texas SF Inquirer), Steve Green, Jukka Halme, David A. Hardy, Dave Haren, Amy Harlib, John Hertz, Steve Jeffery, Jerry Kaufman, (Littlebrook), Earl Kemp (el), Christina Lake (Head, Nowhere Fan), Rodney Leighton, Fred Lerner, Eric Lindsay (Gegenschein), Jim Linwood (Typo), Luke McGuff, Jim Mowatt, Joseph Nicholas (Fuck The Tories), Kate Orman (Data Extract), Lloyd Penney (Torus), Mark Plummer (Banana Wings), David Redd, Andy Sawyer, Ian Sorenson (Bob), Steve Sneyd (Data Dump), Paul Skelton (Small Friendly Dog), Doug Spencer, Steve Stiles, Taral Wayne (DNQ), Liz Williams, and Alan White.

The White Notebooks won the FAAn Award for Best Fanzine for Best Personalzine at Corflu 34 in April 2017.