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The National Fantasy Fan
February 1983

The National Fantasy Fan was a science fiction fanzine published by the National Fantasy Fan Federation.

The National Fantasy Fan Federation is a science fiction and fantasy society based in the U.S.A. that began in 1941, and the same year began publishing its official organ, Bonfire. Louis Russell Chauvenet is credited with naming the fanzine, and was actively involved in the formation of NFFF, serving as its first president. Approximately fifteen issues in total were released as Bonfire between its beginnings in June 1941 and the final issue of December 1944, at which point the name of the fanzine was changed and it became The National Fantasy Fan.

The National Fantasy Fan was published continually from 1944 till 2009, with many different editors at the helm over the many decades it has been released. The editors have included:

  • 1945 E.E. Evans and Jack Speer
  • 1946 Charles Tanner, Walter Dunkelberger, Milton A. Rothman, Andy Lyon
  • 1947 Walter Dunkelberger, Ray C. Higgs
  • 1948-1949 Ray C. Higgs
  • 1950 Art Rapp, Ray C. Higgs
  • 1951-1952 Ray C. Higgs, Stuart S. Hoffman
  • 1953 Ray C. Higgs
  • 1954 Donald Susan, Nan Gerding and Honey Wood
  • 1955 Eva Firestone
  • 1956 Ray C. Higgs
  • 1957 Walter Coslet
  • 1958 Ray C. Higgs
  • 1959 Ray C. Higgs, Ralph Holland, Albert J. Lewis
  • 1960 Ralph Holland
  • 1961 Ralph Holland
  • 1962 Al Lewis
  • 1963 Donald Franson, Al Lewis, Albert J. Lewis, Robert Osman
  • 1964 Donald Franson, Janie Lamb, Wally Weber
  • 1965 Donald Franson, Wally Weber
  • 1966 Don Miller
  • 1967 Stan Woolston
  • 1968 Don Miller
  • 1969 Wally Weber, Gary Labowitz
  • 1970-1971 Art Hayes
  • 1972 Art Hayes, Gary Mattingly, Joanne Burger
  • 1973-1978 Joanne Burger
  • 1979 Joanne Burger, Irvin Koch, Owen K. Lorion, Nick A. Grassel
  • 1980 Owen K. Lorion
  • 1981 Donald Franson
  • 1982-1983 Donald Franson, Owen K. Lorion, Ozzie Osman
  • 1984-1987 David Heath, Jr.
  • 1988-1990 Donald Franson
  • 1991 Donald Franson, Tim Gatewood
  • 1992 Tim Gatewood
  • 1993-1999 Craig Boyd
  • 2000 Susan V. Shuyver
  • 2001-2002 Janine Stinson
  • 2003 Janine Stinson, Laura Hazelwood
  • 2004 Ruth Davidson, Bob Sabella
  • 2005-2006 Bob Sabella, Ruth Davidson, Jeffrey Redmond, Chris Garcia
  • 2008 Ruth Davidson
  • 2009-2011 Heath Row
  • 2012-2014 David Speakman
  • 2015 David Speakman, George Phillies
  • 2016-2018 George Phillies

The May 17, 2001 issue of the club fanzine merged The National Fantasy Fan and Tightbeam into The National Fantasy Fan (Janine G. Stinson, editor), and was dated Volume 1, No. 1.

Some of the many contributors of writing have included Forrest J Ackerman, Frank Balazs, Martha Beck, Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), Don Brazier (Title, Farrago), Rick Brooks (Nargothrond), John Brunner (Noise Level), Wilkie Connor, Ruth Davidson, August Derleth, E. Everett Evans, Eva Firestone (Bronc), Denise Fisk, Donald Franson, Nan Gerding (Starlanes) Hugo Gernsback, Sarah E. Harder, Seth Johnson, Arnie Katz (FIAWOL), David H. Keller, Janie Lamb (The Heiskell Holler), Al Lewis (Shangri L'Affaires), Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Dave Locke (Awry), Norm Metcalf, Sam Moskowitz (New Fandom, Different) Angela Myers, Fred Patten (Lefnui), Boff Perry (Vampire Index) George Nims Raybin, Jeffrey Redmond, Jack Robins, Steven Rose, Jr., Heath Row, Michael Kalen Smith, David Speakman, Jon D. Swartz, Roy Tackett, R-Laurraine Tutihasi (Feline Mewsings), Keith Walker, Holly Wilson, and Stan Woolston (Moonshine).

Fiction has been contributed by Richard Brooks, Ralan Conley, L.A. Vern Loretz, Jr, with Heath Row, Jim Munroe, George Phillies, and Jefferson P. Swycaffer, among others.

Reviews have been contributed by John Boston, Mike Deckinger, and Susan Magnus.

Some contributors of art work include Ruth Davidson, Margaret Dominick (DEA), Matt Dye, Jackie Franke (Dilemma, Resolution), Brad Foster, Sarah E. Harder, Patricia King, Bill Kroll, Lee and J.J. MacFadden, Shane McGrath, Michael Mitchell, Ray Paul Nelson, Angela Scott-Cox, Nancy Share ( Hodge-Podge, Ignatz, Torrents), Jacob Stoltz, Richard Z, Ward, and Tom Welch.

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