The Fence Post, the unofficial fanzine of Kingston Stockade FC

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The Fence Post is a zine by Spike Vrusho and Roxanne Clark.

The Fence Post began in the summer of 2016 as a classic English-style footy zine distributed free to fans of the Kingston Stockade FC semi-pro soccer team in Kingston, NY, U.S.A., edited by Spike Vrusho and his daughter Roxanne Clark. The zine was handed out by the editor in the parking lot of Dietz Stadium in Kingston, NY, prior to Stockade FC homegames and was very well received in the first season. Vrusho has published seven issues as of late summer 2017, and The Fence Post was also distributed in various Kingston bars such as Rough Draft, Snapper Magee's, The Anchor and Keegan Ales, as well as in Rhinebeck at Liberty Public House, Gaby's Cafe, Bangers Gastropub, Grand Cru and Terrapin Bistro. The Kingston Times did a profile of Vrusho and The Fence Post early in the 2017 soccer season, featuring the cover of the second issue which had art by renowned cartoonist Tony Millionaire, a long-time associate of Vrusho's who has credited him with naming his infamous MAAKIES strip.

Vrusho continues to publish The Fence Post for the Stockade FC 2018 season. He also does YouTube channel livestream play-by-play broadcasts for the club at home and sometimes on the road. The Kingston Stockade FC supporters club called the Dutch Guard has archived the entire run of The Fence Post fanzine on their blog. In the 1990s,

Spike Vrusho also published and edited the baseball/punk zine Murtaugh.

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