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The Black Skull Magazine was a science fiction fanzine published by Arthur Tate and edited by H.S. Weatherby.

Published in the 1940s, in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., at least two issues appeared. It was devoted to weird fiction, supernatural stories, science fiction and horror.

Issue 1 appeared in Summer 1949. Arthur Tate is listed as publisher for the first issue, with H. S. Weatherby listed as editor. Contributors of writing for the first issue include Muriel Chesney Benson, Bonnie Blanche, Jack Cuthbert, R. F. Dikeman, Herman S. King, Arthur Tate, Harry S. Weatherby, and Michael Varady. Illustrations were by Herman King.

Issue 2 was released in Fall 1949. Contributors of writing to the second issue included Michael Avallone, Ronald Bourgea, R. FLavie Carson, Jack Cuthbert, R. F. Dikeman, R. E. Higgins, Leslie Hudson, Peter Pappas, Hal Shapiro (AJ 73 16‎, STF & FSY Songbook), and Harry S. Weatherby.

Letters came from Herman Dryermeyer, Raymond La Fond, and John McCorsky.

Harry S. Weatherby also published the title Shivers.